Roberto Pistolesi (1978) , is a drummer/artist/composer born in Frosinone, Italy, and currently living between Italy, the Netherlands and New York City.
He gained acknowledgment among the jazz crowd playing with the worldwide-known saxophone player Stefano Di Battista, joining his band 2010 and touring with him in many countries through the most important jazz festivals in the world.
Roberto has played with a variety of outstanding jazz players, such as Francesco Cafiso, Steve Grossman, Dave Liebman, Rick Margitza, Antonio Faraò, Peter Beets, Ameen Saleem, Dario Deidda, Tineke Postma, Linda Oh, Tineke Postma, Fabian Almazan and many others.

He is currently collaborating with a variety of artists, including bassist Zack lober, pianist Xavi Torres, guitarist Jesse Van Ruller, saxophonist Jasper Blom, singer Chiara Pancaldi.

He is a steady associate of pianist Roberto Tarenzi, with whom he regularly produces massive piano trio material, and a new member of the Juraj Stanik trio, with whom he just recorded a new work for Challenge Records.

Roberto runs his own project since 2016.

In the past years, his main field has mostly been acoustic Jazz: trios, quartets or combos and big bands, one of his great loves.
His background, though, is full with different experiences: he played in many TV shows as house drummer and in rock and country/folk bands as a youngster.
Roberto always loved to play with singers/songwriters too. His work with singer/songwriter/pianist Ivan Segreto makes him explore a totally new sonic environment, concerning urban beats, electronics, minimalism and the use of transient sounds based on the acoustic possibilities of the drums. 
Seeing the big picture, the main factors which defines his playing are the love for music and for the pulse, the need for improvisation and creativity, the search for sounds and, of course, swing and feel.

“Music has been present in my life right from the start, and it’s just by accident that I now play the drums, because they happened to step in my life, at a certain point..
As a baby I used to sing in the cradle. My parents supported my inclination: I studied Violin at my hometown’s conservatory of classical music until the age of 15.
My love for drums came during my teens , as a relief from my classical education. I never thought to become a professional when I was beating everything that came at hand (teachers were kicking me off the class all the time).
Many years passed from playing with local bands to the point where I am now.
I perform in the creative field of Jazz music, and I let all my experiences define what I play"

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